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my head becomes less clouded everyday

I was reading recently on a Liberal Christians. Liberal. Christians. These individuals believe that pro-life is close-minded and not vying for same-sex marriages is persecution. I disagree. This would mean that we are twisting Biblical interpretation around to adapt to our modern lives. I tried this with pre-marital sex, and I just want to let those of you who are confused know: it is not right. I have done a piss-poor job in my life of holding up my Christian ideals. But I have tried. The last time I checked, Christianity didn't consist of fence-sitters. It was a group of passionate believers who said "no" to organized religion, and "yes" to a lifestyle of embracing this life and life after. I decided that Christians in a sense are Liberal. They do not live within the bonds of worldiness and sin. There is an idea that because you seek higher morality, your life must be less fun. The only thing that is "not fun" is closing yourself in a box of embracing gray instead of black and white. Absolutes and rights and wrongs are not "conservative". They are clear cut guidelines to add purpose and direction to lives that otherwise would head up, down, and all around. No, Christianity is not traditional, conformist, oldfashioned, or closeminded. The thing about God is that He determines no sex, no age, no marks. He makes no distinction or discrimination. He accepts, and that is all. He loves without holding back. He gives freely whatever you may need and he reaches out to EVERYONE. If that's not Liberal, then paint me blue and call me a Democrat.

In other news, work is getting monotonous and I have no clue what to do with my life. Being married is giving me too much time to myself to think about all the unsuccess and "going nowhere" I have been experiencing. MUST. FINISH. COLLEGE!

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