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I'm a loser and no one reads my journal

Neener Neener. Ok, now that I got that out of the way...

My 13 year old sister is in love with every boy she sees. My 17 year old brother is in love with a girl who doesn't give a flying shit about him. And my 10 year old sister loves everyone because she is just that adorable. My 22 year old self is being treated very well by an excellent husband. I think it's because we are going to the Opera or Symphony or something on Saturday. It's supposed to be a surprise so I'm not sure which it's going to be. But I am extremely excited because I love culture and classical music. Plus, I got to buy a super cute outfit.

Nothing interesting happens in my life, so I basically have nothing else to say. Besides my dog chewed a permanent marker and it got all over the comforter on my bed. I was mad. Man, my life is uber-dull.

My favorite things right now

  • sugar-free strawberry gum
  • splenda ice-cream (not the carb kind, it's gross)
  • sour icebreakers
  • guac-a-salsa
  • brown and pink
  • faded, soft, destroyed jeans
  • grape apes and apple sluts
  • fashion week 2005
  • Growing Up Gotti
  • vases, flowers, candles and art
  • Nada Surf, the Killers, acoustic and opera
  • Rasputina and the cellos
  • historical costuming
  • Vermeer
  • vintage, and more vintage
  • no, I mean REAL vintage. talking like, Victorian era
  • sleep-talking

Your eyes never close, your mind's not at rest. Lay back, get waterlogged, give us a kiss. Water spreads the small seed, water kills the tall weed. Ophelia, Ophelia.

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i hope you saw girl with a pearl earring.
I did indeed. It was amazing. Minus Colin not sexy.
Yay for fashion week!!!!! =D
I would die to be there...not to mention literally. I would kill myself after I went because I would just feel more like a fat cow. Gah! The high fashion world, I love to hate it.